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Franklin Township School District
Science Department
The effective district K-12 Science Education program will provide students with inquiry- based skills and an understanding of the scientific process, which will enable them to be successful in their exploration and investigation of our ever-changing technological world.  Students will develop higher - level critical thinking and problem - solving skills that will allow them to explore their scientific environment in a multi-sensory hands-on and minds-on manner.  Students will use the Scientific Method, based on Standard 5.1, as an approach to inquiry-based investigations.  A Franklin - developed model, ACAC2 (Ask, Conduct, Analyze, Conclude and Communicate) will be used as a tool to facilitate the students development from recipe to discovery science.  Students will be able to recognize the contributions, as well as the diverse, cultural and social backgrounds of scientists.  Students will be exposed to and use scientific tools and apparatus, scientific nomenclature and SI (metric) measurement.  Ultimately, the district students will learn and understand the underlying safety principles during their practice of Science.  Other Curriculum Content Standards, particularly Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics, and the Science Process skills will be embedded in the Program.  The use of technology will be infused throughout the curriculum.


As the Science program becomes more inquiry-based and more-student directed, the program will also become more interdisciplinary.  The students will be exposed to opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in Mathematics and Language Arts as they practice Science.

The primary beliefs of this philosophy are:

·        to provide experiences that will foster and develop scientific inquiry,

·        to allow students to construct their own understanding of science,

·        to understand and utilize the scientific process,

·        to promote an awareness of the availability and diversity of the scientific profession,

·        to apply safety practices in scientific exploration,

·        to integrate technology and other tools throughout the scientific process.