• Introducing Joseph DeRosa

    Contact Information:
              Email Address:  jderosa@franklinboe.org
              Telephone Number:  

    Google Classroom Access:
    Each class has its own Google Classroom page that lists all the assignments that students are responsible for.  Students are encouraged to access their class specific Classroom frequently throughout the week.  Students are responsible for all assignments posted on the Google Classroom by the due date - late submissions will receive only partial credit.
    You will need to join the class associated with the period of your class.
    Period 1 Access Code:  o7mgw0
    Period 2 Access Code:  ti81g8q   
    Period 3 Access Code:  zg3081
    Period 4 Access Code:  28pi60o
    Period 5 Access Code:  hhmopwk
    Period 6 Access Code:  3bc1rwn
    Period 7 Access Code:  0q4dmba
    Period 8 Access Code:  6ao9u7
    In addition to Google Classroom, all classes will have the opportunity to join a reminder service.  I will send out periodic reminders (via text & email messages) to students AND parents who sign up for this service.  You can access your classes reminder functionality as directed below:
    Period 1 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/5981c4
    Period 2 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/5981c4b
    period 3 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/5981c4be
    Period 4 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/5981c4be0
    Period 5 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/5981c4be01
    Period 6 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/f4c7c
    Period 7 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/0eacb3
    Period 8 Reminder Instructions:   remind.com/join/b79992f