Ms. Martin
  • Welcome to Franklin High School Class of 2027!

    We are absolutely elated to have you. As you enter this campus of opportunity and promise, each of you have been
    provided with a canvas to sketch, measure, choreograph or engineer your high school experience. Rather you decided to use a paint brush or splatter the colors to illustrate the journey toward the milestone of completing high school, the final product is yours to create. Within the colors chosen and experienced, we will embark on memories of elation, moments of struggle, minutes of success, and Mondays of exhaustion. However, with it all, I assure you, it will be masterpieces all of your own that will be priceless and for you to hang in the walls of society signed by

    “Franklin High School Class of 2027 Graduate”.

    As Freshmen know this:

    Everyone has their own personal success. Know yours.

    Everyone has a day they dreamed of a day that they could have done without.

    And that’s ok!

    You have the right to be your authentic self.

    You are seen and valued.

    Each time you take a risk, you have already bettered your future self.

    In the months to come, we achieve success by being the best versions of ourselves,
    being intentional with how we prepare for the future, developing our value, and
    refraining from being obtrusive.
    As your administrator, I will champion you individually.

    As your Vice Principal, I remain realistic of your academic success.
    As a colleague of the educators of Franklin High School, I will challenge you to
    strengthen your intellect.
    As a member of this community, I will ensure your social, emotional and physical
    safety to the best of my ability.
    Take good care Warriors!

    Sheronda Martin

    Class of 2027 Vice Principal