Mission Statement

    The mission of Pine Grove Manor Elementary School’s counselor is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally age-appropriate counseling program. The school counselor will educate all students in the academic, career, and personal/social competencies in collaboration with parents/guardians, school staff, and community members. PGM will provide a safe, positive environment to foster student achievement. Students will build foundations for good citizenship, be prepared to problem solve and thinking critically, learn respect for self and others, and become life-long learners.

    Philosophy/Belief Statement

    The Counselor at PGM believes:

    Every student:

    · Should have the opportunity to achieve academic success when given the proper support regardless of race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status or ethnicity.

    · Has dignity and worth.

    · Has the capacity to learn in a safe school environment.

    The Counseling program should:

    · Engage all students in classroom, group, and/or individual activities to promote student growth and learning.

    · Provide academic, career, and personal/social development for every student.