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    Homework is an important part of your child’s school experience.  It serves to develop individual study skills and responsibility while reinforcing skills and concepts.  Homework is a specific task assigned by the teacher to be completed during non-school hours.  Your child will benefit greatly from your support and encouragement at home.
    Parents can play a positive role in homework routine by:  
    *Allowing your child to work independently or with assistance.
    *Ensuring that there is time set aside to complete homework.
    *Ensuring that the environment is conducive to work and study.
    *Informing teachers if your child is encountering ongoing difficulties carrying out homework tasks.
    *Monitoring homework by signing the homework planner on a daily basis.
    *All homework must be properly headed (name, date)
    *Homework that is handed in without a name will not be accepted.
    *Homework written in pencil is preferred; Pens in black or blue are only accepted; no other colors.
    *Homework is due on assigned date.
    *Students will have one day for every day they are absent to make up class work and homework.
    The goal is to establish good habits of study, concentration and self-discipline, which will serve students for the rest of their lives.  Please read and discuss the above policy with your child.  
    ONLY blue or black ink are acceptable. 
    back pack  Part of completing homework is putting in back in your book bag with your homework book and folder!!!!