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    Lets READ!!!!!    


    I have an account set up with Scholastic Book Clubs so students can order books of their choice.  Being able to pick out your own book is an important part of reading for pleasure (Stealing-a Moment).   
    read for life

    When you order books from Scholastic I acquire points that I use to purchase books for the classroom library. This helps me to keep the classroom library up to date with the books students are interested in.  (Refer to the Steal-a-Moment Contract on the "Assignments" page.)

    Two Ways to Order Books from Scholastic Book Clubs 
    1.  Fill out the order form on the back of the Scholastic Book Club magazine when it is sent home and return it to me by the due date assigned in the homework book. 
    2.  Order online using the link above and my class code:  NF3Q6.