• Where to find books to read...
    *Classroom Library
    *School Library
    *Franklin Township Public Library
    *Scholastic Book Clubs (see that specific page)
    *Barns & Nobel 
    How to pick out the "JUST RIGH BOOK"...

    Ask yourself:

     1.  “What does the cover tell me about what this book might be like?”

     2.  (Read the back…) ”Does the topic/story seem interesting to me?”

     3.  “Is the book at my level?”

    4.  “Do the illustrations grab my attention?” 

    5.  “Did I use the ‘5 Finger Rule’ to see if the vocabulary is just right for me?” 

    6.  “Has this book been recommended by anyone?”

    ****You can always check the level of a book by using "Book Wizard".  Make sure you pick "Guided Reading" so it will give you a letter level.**** 

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