• What is a comprehensive school counseling program?

    Classroom Guidance Curriculum

    The School Counselor will teach each class a 30-45 minute lesson once per month. These lessons will focus on character education values and aim to address basic, essential skills for academic and personal success. These skills include responsible behaviors, treating self and others with respect, and good citizenship, among others. The guidance curriculum is aligned with the ASCA National student competencies and seeks to be both preventative and proactive.

    Academic Planning

    The School Counselor will aid and scaffold students in goal setting and decision-making. The counselor will also seek to educate all students on the understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses. Counselor will work with students to create transition plans.

    Responsive Services

    The School Counselor will assist students with any issues that may be affecting their in-school behavior or academic achievement, personal concerns, or crises. The counselor may provide individual immediate or sustained counseling sessions, small groups/lunch bunches, and/or peer facilitations. Additionally, the counselor will make outside referrals if necessary.

    System Support

    The School Counselor will stay up-to-date and current in training by attending professional development and consulting, collaborating, and teaming with other counseling professionals. The counselor will assist in a student’s referral process to any additional and appropriate support programs and services both within the school setting and to outside agencies.