• During the course of a Board of Education meeting, Board Members or individuals from the public may ask a question.  At times the Superintendent may be able to provide an immediate answer.  At other times more research is needed to provide the appropriate response. 
    The purpose of this webpage is to provide a record of questions asked at Board of Education meetings and answers supplied by Administration. 

    Questions pertaining to individual students raised during public comment will not be addressed publically.  However, when a more general concern is raised in a question we will provide an answer here.

    Date of Meeting


    Question/Information Provided

    August 20, 2015

    School Prayer

    Click here for guidance provided by the NJ DOE –


    Student Placement

    Click here for district student placement guidelines


    Transportation Areas Post Referendum

    A question was asked about how transportation zones would be affected by the building of Claremont School and the Referendum restructuring. Click here for more information. 


    Tennis Courts

    A question was asked about the status of our Tennis Courts. - Due to pending litigation, we are unable to discuss this matter.

     October 15, 2015  
    Several questions were asked about the implementation of the One Less Move Referendum.  Click here to see a presentation by the district architects.  Click here to see information on the scope of the projects at FPS and PGM; the timing of the opening of the new school on Claremont Road and timing of the re-configuration attendance zones. 
      CARE Program
    Click here for information on how delayed openings and early emergency dismissals effect the CARE Program and for information regarding snacks served during the CARE Program. 
     March 22, 2016
    A question was asked about Banked CAP and if it was money that the district had collected, which would be lost if it was not spent.  Click here for the response.
      Parking Lot at FHS
    A question was asked about the ability to pave portions of the parking lot of FHS in time for the graduation ceremony. Click here for the response.