Physical Education Overview


    Letter Days

    ·     There are 6 letter days in a cycle.  A-F.   There are  (2) 40 min Physical Education within a 6 day cycle.

    ·     The letter days are located on the elementary lunch calendar that is given out each month.



    ·     When a student gets sick or hurt and they need to be excused for 1 day a parent can write a note and the student can be excused for that day.

    ·     When a student has to be out for more than 1 PE day a note must come from a doctor.  The note should be dated when they can come back to PE.  If the note is not dated when they can come back, a follow up note must come in from the doctor stating when they can return to PE.   Doctor offices will gladly give out these notes.



    ·     Regular running or cross trainer sneakers are best for PE.   Girls should avoid wearing ballerina sneakers, extremely high top sneakers or sneakers that have heels built in them. 

    ·     In order to participate in PE a student must be wearing sneakers and comfortable clothing.


    Please make sure your child’s sneakers are double knotted.


    ·    Safety is our #1 priority!!!