Current Assignments
    We are currently working on Chapter 1: Career Planning
    Please refer to Chapter 20 Notebook Check for related assignments that need to be completed. 
    Chapter 20 Homework due: Friday 6/7/19
    Chapter 20 Tests & Folders/Notebooks due: 6/11/19 
    Chapter 21 Homework due:  Monday 6/17/19
    Chapter 21 Notebook due: Friday 6/21/19
    Please check Genesis for updates on assignment due dates
    *Please refer to the appropriate Grading Policies below for chapter work explanation
     Mr. Trout's
    Introduction to Business

     Grading Policy

     Each Chapter consists of a total of 325 points that can be earned.  During a marking period we cover 3 to 6 chapters. The breakdown on the points is as follows: 

    Chapter Homework =  25 points and consists of 2 news media articles relating to business. These articles can come from a variety of sources including but not limited to the internet, newspapers and magazines.  These articles are due a day or two before each chapter test.  Students are told in advance what day the articles will be due.  If the student does not have the articles on the day they are due they will not receive credit for the homework.  Students will not receive any credit for incomplete articles.  Homework cannot be turned in late for credit unless the student was legitimately absent from class on the date it was due.  In that case it is due the next time they come to class.  The purpose of this is to have the students relate actual business events happening in today’s world with what we are learning in the class.  It is also intended to teach them what a deadline actually is.

     Chapter Notebook = 100 points and is due on the day of the test at the beginning of class and consists of the following work which is to be done and reviewed during class time over the 11/2 to 2 weeks it takes to cover a chapter.  These classroom assignments are to be done with various partners to promote a cooperative learning atmosphere and simulate “real world” working conditions:

    Chapter vocabulary definitions (20-30 points)                                                                     

    Chapter notes which are provide by the teacher in class and on the teachers page. (10 points)

    Chapter handouts, when applicable (i.e. Learning Partners Clock) (10 points)

    Chapter workbook assignments (30-50 points)

    Two (2) news media articles and at least a three-sentence (3 sentence) summary on each article. (30-40 points)


    Of the work listed above, the only assignment done outside of the classroom is the news articles and summaries.

    There is absolutely NO acceptable excuse for students not earning a 100 on their notebooks.

     ·      There is a 10-point penalty for each day the notebook is turned in late.


    Text Test  (created by the text publisher) = 100 points and consists of 30 questions on the chapter topic ranging from true/false to multiple choice to short fill in answers. 

    Teacher Test (created by the teacher) = 100 points and consists of 30 short answer questions on the chapter topic (i.e. phrases or short sentences) and a choice of two (2) out of 5 (five) open-ended written tasks.

     To encourage students to study before the tests I allow them to use one side of letter size (8.5” X 11”) paper with notes on it to help with their test. 

    *    Of all the work listed above I place the greatest emphasis on the Chapter Notebook because all students regardless of their academic capabilities are more than capable of getting a 100 on their notebook.  And if a student gets a 100 on their notebook it means they are staying on task while in the classroom and should mean higher test scores which result in higher overall grades throughout the year.




    Introduction To Business

    Mr. Trouts Grading Formula


    Your Student is guaranteed at least a grade of 70% IF they do all of the assigned work.  Please refer to Mr. Trouts Grading Policy for specific details.  I do not give a grade of below 50% on tests so the students who do not test well will still have a chance to do well in the class.  The math is as follows:


    Chapter Homework     =   25 pts. (25 pts. possible)

    Chapter Notebook       = 100 pts. (any grade less than 100% is unacceptable)

    Chapter Text Test        =   50 pts. (100 pts. possible)

    Chapter Teacher Test   =   50 pts. (100 pts. possible)


    Total Points                  =  225 pts.                               Total Possible Points = 325 pts.



    Grading Formula:   Students Total Points Earned    =        225   =   70%

                                         Total Possible Points                      325