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    Dear Parents and Guardians

    We are excited to work with your child this year during Health, Physical Education and Dance/Creative movement.  These classes will take place in the gym and occasionally outside near the playground.  Your child will participate in many activities and move in various ways.

    Please make sure your child wears sneakers for Health, Physical Education and Dance classes. The sneakers should have laces or velcro (if your child does not know how to tie laces) with good ankle/foot support and a flat sole. Sneakers need to stay securely on your child’s feet during physical activity.

    Rubber-soled shoes with a strap behind the heel and/or straps down the side of the foot do not offer enough stability. Other rubber-soled shoes, heeled “sneakers” and boots are not appropriate or safe for many of our activities. Students who are not wearing sneakers will be unable to participate in the class.

    If it is difficult for your child to remember the letter day s/he has Health, Physical Education or Dance class, your child may want to keep an extra pair of sneakers in his/her backpack. We also recommend students wear socks to prevent blisters and absorb sweat, in addition to wearing comfortable clothing suitable for activity.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Physical Education & Dance Departments