• Design Technology:
    Hand Sketching
    Hand Drafting - (Making Engineering Drawings with T-Square and Triangles)
    Pro-Desktop - Basic Sketches and Extrusions
    Pro-Desktop - Complicated Sketches and Projecting and Revolving
    Pro-Desktop - Engineering Drawings
    Pro-Desktop- Assemblies
    Pro-Desktop - Simple Challenge Assignments
    Pro-Desktop - Solving Technical Problems 
    Advanced Design Technology:
    Advanced Hand Sketching
    Advanced Hand Drafting
    Pro-Desktop - Review of Sketches, Extruding, Projecting, and Revolving
    Pro-Desktop with Hands-On Project 
    Pro-Desktop - Sweep and Loft
    Pro-Desktop - Advanced Engineering Drawings
    Pro-Desktop - Advanced Assemblies
    Pro-Desktop - Animations
    Pro-Desktop - Solving Advanced Technical Problems 
    Advanced Hand Sketching of Structures
    Hand Drafting of Apartment
    Hand Drafting of Single Floor Dwelling
    3/4" Scale Model Shed Building - Balsa Wood
    Research Project of Eco-Friendly Home
    Planning a Two-Story Residence
    Basics of Auto CAD
    Auto CAD Floor Plans
    Auto CAD Exterior Elevations
    Auto CAD Interior Elevations
    Auto CAD Plot Plan
    Auto CAD Eco-Friendly Out-Building
    Auto CAD Foundation Plan
    Auto CAD Typical Residential Wall Section
    Auto CAD Isometric of Framed Shed