• Design Technology:  Students have completed the intermediate concepts of using CAD software to create 3-D objects on the screen.  These objects can then be exported as an STL file and can then be 3-D Printed.  The students are now embarking on the more complicated features of the powerful CAD program.  
    Advanced Design Technology:  Students have finished a complicated advanced-technique hand drafting project.  They have also overcome the challenges of designing a truss bridge which was constructed from balsa wood.  They are now going on to much more advanced 3-D CAD techniques.  
    Architecture:  Students have completed a project whereby they designed and hand drafted a single story residence.  They have constructed a 3/4" scale of a model shed.  The shed was constructed with home building codes, to give the students a solid understanding of how homes are framed.   Students are now in their architect mode of designing and drawing their own floor plans on the computer using CAD.