• Employee Assistance Program

    Employee Assistance Program is provided by Princeton Health Care System EAP which offers professional consultation on a broad range of personal, family, and work-related matters.  We believe that this service is a natural extension of self-help and is available as a supplement to family, religious, or medical assistance.

    Princeton Health Care System EAP is a division of Princeton Health Care System, and has been providing EAP services for the past 25 years.  Their professional counseling staff has the knowledge and expertise to provide high quality consultative, assessment, and referral services to our Franklin Township Public School employees.

    Please be assured that any contact you have with Princeton Health Care System EAP is strictly confidential. No information about your involvement with the program is revealed to us or to any other person without your written consent.   I hope you will take the opportunity to read the EAP brochure, which explains Princeton Health Care System EAP in greater detail.  Feel free to use the benefit whenever you believe it would be helpful to you.