Set Design

  • Course Description:

    This course is designed for both art students seeking an authentic application for their artistic skills and creativity and theater enthusiasts who prefer to work “backstage”. Set design techniques introduced and developed in class projects to create backdrops, stage props, and set pieces will be used in actual theatrical productions in the Visual and Performing Arts Department programs including, drama, dance, musical theater, film and television production.


    The course will cover Design, Construction, and Painting. It will be a mixture of drawing/design work and actual construction. For more advanced work, Set Design is also offered as a club afterschool and meets primarily around the Fall (Mid October - Mid November) and Spring Plays (February-Early April). Students who would like to work in the club are very welcome, and work at the club can help make up lost credit in class for missed work/absences/etc, however participation in the club is not required for students of the class. Smaller group sizes afterschool allows us to work on larger aspects of the build including large-scale construction. 



    • Attendance and punctuality are expected. Excessive absences or tardiness will affect student performance, impacting their grade. And can lead to a loss of credit for the course
    • Students are expected to enter class, get to work, and continue to work through the whole class time, every day.
    • Students are expected to respect the teacher, classmates, room, supplies, and work.
    • During class time students will use equipment and hand tools that require great care and attention such as hammers, drills, x-acto knives, jigsaws, small hand saws. It is expected that students will take these seriously and will use them safely and responsibly.


    Students are given a weekly participation grade that includes 20 points for each day.

    Students begin every week with full credit. Points may be deducted for any participation related class issues such as tardiness, excessive unexcused absences, disrupting class, inappropriate cell phone use, failure to begin working during class, and failure to clean at the end of class.