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     Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the “man with green arrow” icon for?
    This function is to “assign” forms to an evaluator. Forms that are not scheduled show up unassigned in the evaluator view. Evaluators may want to assign these forms to themselves if they are responsible for the final review. In this way, the form shows up in your “to do” list since it is assigned to you.
    When I am doing an observation & I hit “save” who can see the observation?
    ONLY you as the evaluator.  


    What does it mean to be unassigned?
    Forms that are not scheduled show up “unassigned” in the evaluator view. Evaluators may want to assign these forms to themselves if they are responsible for the final review. In this way, the form shows up in your “to do” list since it is assigned to you. Note: Assigning would not be a function for the teachers.


    When do you click on the “thumbs up” icon?
    This function is to finalize a form. All completed forms must be finalized. This is the last step in the process for a form.
    Evaluators who would like an email when teachers have submitted the Student Growth Survey should assign the form to his/herself (use man with green arrow icon)
    What if a teacher accidentally hits the SUBMIT button?  How can the form be edited and resubmitted?
    SUBMIT is official. So, it takes the evaluator to officially undo the submission and to re-open the form for editing.  The teacher would have to contact the super admin or their evaluator.  Admin can open the form, click “Edit Form”, and that will release it back to the teacher for further editing.
    I uploaded an artifact to my documentation log and typed my reflection summary.  When I go back into my documentation log, I see my artifact, but not my typed reflection.  What happened?  
    Either you did not click SAVE, or you typed your reflection in the Artifact Description box and not in the text box provided under each standard for Artifact Summary/Reflection.
    How do you explain the “Form Status” words used in the system?
    The Status of the form may be one of the following options:

    Not Scheduled ~ Form needs to be scheduled by the evaluator


    Proposed ~ Date/time has been proposed by evaluator or evaluatee and is waiting to be accepted by the other


    Scheduled ~ Date/time has been set


    In Progress ~ The scheduled date has passed


    Incomplete ~ Evaluate is required to complete, but has not yet been submitted.


    Unacknowledged ~ The information on the form has been entered or the activity has taken place, and the form has been submitted to the evaluatee for review and acknowledgement. The evaluatee has not yet acknowledged the form, but has received an email with the request and the form is listed under Action Required status in the My Evaluation section of their Learning Plan. Not all forms require teacher acknowledgement.


    Awaiting Finalization ~ Evaluatee has acknowledged the form and it is ready to be finalized by the evaluator


    Complete ~ Form has been finalized

    What do the buttons at the bottom of the form mean?  Who uses which one and when?

    At the bottom of most forms, a user sees the following options :


    Submit ~ if you are completely finished with the form. Submit sends the form to the administrator and terminates editing for teacher.


    Save ~ if you'd like to save as a draft to finish later


    Save & Notify ~ to give an administrator a “heads-up” to review the form. Admin will get an email notifying them to look at the form. This allows for a two-way feedback process prior to submitting form (This works for both teacher to evaluator feedback OR Admin to Admin feedback)


    Reset ~ to clear the form - completely deletes any info you put into the form


    Print ~ to print a hard copy of the form


    Comment ~ to add a comment about something on the form, which will be attached to the form, but not part of the form itself. Email notifications are sent to notify of added comments.


    Note:  If the user hovers their mouse over the buttons in the tool bar, a handy pop up appears explaining what the button does.


    Can I align one artifact to multiple standards?
    Yes, complete the upload process as described above to align your artifact to your first standard.  Then, go through the alignment process a second time to add the second standard alignment.  You then see the alignment in the box for two standards (or more).  Be sure to click REFRESH so they show up below the standards in the documentation log.


    Can I use a URL or Hyperlink as an artifact?
    Yes, you can embed the link into a Word doc with a summary and/or reflection and then upload the Word doc as the artifact.  Your evaluator can then click on the link inside the document when it is opened.
    What is the difference between my Documentation Log and My Artifact Files (found under My Evaluations)?  
    Artifacts should be uploaded on the Documentation Log through the ADD ARTIFACT button and process. Uploaded artifacts then sync into your Artifact Files by evaluation year.  If you need to make a “quick edit” to an artifact, the best place to do that is in the Artifact Files area.  For example, if you wanted to edit the standard your artifact was aligned to, you would click on the EDIT pencil and make the edit/update. Otherwise, your Artifact File is your “archive” area.  Your Documentation Log is the active place for artifacts to be uploaded and aligned to standards.  The artifacts will sync into the Artifact Files as well as your Summative Performance Report.
    Do evaluators need to resubmit each teacher’s SGO at the end of the year to add to the document and then finalize again?  Or would teachers be able to do this on their own without needing evaluators to resubmit the SGOs to the teacher again?
    Evaluators can have the teacher submit the SGO form as part of the creation process. This will prevent teachers from making changes unless the evaluator “opens” the form again using the Edit button. The form remains visible and content accessible (view only) in the green My Evaluation, In Progress dashboard. When the evaluator does click on edit, the form returns to the Action Required section of the green box and permits resubmission. This will keep a very tight and neat process between the teacher and evaluator since everything is locked once agreed upon. If changes are necessary, it will require the evaluator to agree to the changes again.