Programs in the Elementary (K-4)  Schools:

    • Pine Grove Manor:  ESL & Bilingual Program.  For a description of the bilingual program Click here

    • Hillcrest School:  ESL Only

    • Elizabeth Avenue:  ESL Only

    • Franklin Park School:  ESL Only 



    Bilingual Program: 
    Pine Grove Manor houses the elementary bilingual program, which is tiered:  students receive the most native language support at the beginning levels of English learning.  As students move up in proficiency levels, native language support is decreased.   
    Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 have bilingual home rooms.  In grades 3 and 4, which have smaller numbers, bilingual support is in a pull-out setting (for Math and Language Arts).
    In order to integrate language and content learning, ESL pull-out support is provided via Science and Social Studies.  This means that the ESL curriculum is rooted in the topics and themes of these content areas.  Pull-out support is coupled with push-in support in the general education class during literacy time.  For Spanish speakers who qualify for bilingual services (level 1 & 2 students), this is all in addition to their bilingual services.