• High School
    English as a Second Language
    Classes are organized by proficiency level and not by grade level.  At level 1 & 2, students receive two blocks of ESL, while at level 3 and 4 the ESL period is in addition to a grade level LAL class.  Due to the fact that the ESL classes at level 1 & 2 are replacement LAL classes and they receive credit for such, they closely reflect the LAL Standards, although units at all levels are thematic.
    In order to support the content areas and to deliver integrated language and content teaching, there are co-taught classes (by a content and an ESL teacher)  for:
    • US I
    • US II
    • Physics (first Science course in the Science sequence at Franklin) 

    For a copy of the Placement Guide, click here

    Students who qualify for bilingual services (level 1 & 2 Spanish speakers) receive Math in a bilingual setting at the high school. Bilingual Math classes include:
    • Algebra I
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry