FTPS 1:1 Chromebook Program 

    The mission of the 1:1 program in the Franklin Township Public Schools District is to provide equitable access to digital educational resources for all learners. This transition will allow students and teachers to engage in transformative uses of technology while enhancing student collaboration, communication, and creativity. 21st Century learners have transitioned from consumers of information to creative producers and owners of knowledge.

    In addition, this program will prepare our students for a globally interconnected and evolving world that experiences rapidly changing technological advancements.

    Why 1:1 Chromebook Program?

    The focus of the Chromebook 1:1 Program is to empower students to become fully active participants in the learning process. Through the Chromebook 1:1 Program initiative, students will acquire technological and critical thinking skills and will develop a sense of personal and social responsibility that will enable them to be successful in the world for which we are preparing them.  Chromebooks will transform teaching practices and encourage students to engage in problem‐based learning and help them to realize that teaching and learning can occur anytime, anyplace.  

    The Chromebook 1:1 Program facilitates:  

    • Access to digital educational resources   

    • Availability to engage in 24/7 Learning  

    • Individualized learning     

    • Critical thinking and problem solving   

    • Communication and collaboration

    • Creativity and innovation    

    • Technology literacy skills   

    • College and career readiness

    Why Chromebooks?


    Chromebooks for education give students, teachers, and administrators a simple solution for fast, intuitive, and easy‐to‐manage computing. Chromebooks provide access to the web’s educational and collaborative resources, as well as offer centralized management and low total cost of ownership. Using Chromebooks, teachers spend more time teaching and less time managing classroom technology, and schools can deploy more computers into the hands of their students and teachers.



    FTPS Chromebook Program Information
    Click on the links below 


    Chromebook Repair Information
    Chromebook is not working or damage - complete the Chromebook Repair Form:
    FTPS  All Schools: Chromebook Repair Warranty Form
    Chromebook Tips - Assistance in accessing WiFi and more.

    FTPS Technology Forms - Required

     FTPS Chromebook Handbook Information:
    View and download the FTPS Chromebook Handbook 2019-2020 in Spanish -  Revised 8-2019
    FTPS Chromebook Handbook Agreement Form (print and return to school) 
    FTPS Chromebook Handbook Agreement Form  in Spanish (print and return to school) 
    Genesis Parent Portal Users: You can view the Chromebook Handbook and complete the Agreement Form via Genesis. 
    FTPS Chromebook Program Take Home Device - Opt-Out Form (print and return to school)
    FTPS Chromebook Program Take Home Device - Opt-Out Form in Spanish (print and return to school)

    Chromebook Insurance Information:
    Purchase Chromebook Insurance - click on the links below: 
    Franklin Township Public Schools Chromebook Insurance Program
     Enrollment Period:  August 15, 2020, to  October 1, 2020.
    Coverage Start Date: September 1, 2020
    Click here for instructions
    Download Chromebook Insurance enrollment form for in school purchase.

     **Need a paper copy?  Please send a request to your child's homeroom teacher.  

    We, as a district, are proud and excited of the FTPS 1:1 Chromebook initiative and its impact on student learning. We believe the opportunity for each FMS student to have their own device will result in an overall enhanced educational experience, better student organizational skills, personalized learning and expansion of learning and sharing beyond the walls of FHS, FMS@HSC and FMS@SGS campuses.

    We look forward to continuing to harness the potential that this technology can provide to our students and our instructional program.  

    The district has purchased the Dell Chromebook 3180. Learn more about the Dell Chromebook 3180


    Technology Related Board Policies and Handbooks
    Online Board Policy Manual  - to view the policies listed below: 
    2361 Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computer and Resources

    2531 Use of Copyrighted Materials

    3282 Use of Social Media Sites

    3283 Electronic Communication  Between Teaching Staff Members and Students

    3321  Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computer and Resources by Teaching Staff Members

    3322 Staff Member's Use of Personal Cellular Telephones /Other Communication Devices

    4282 Use of Social Media Sites

    4283 Electronic Communication  Between Support Staff Members and Students

    4321  Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computer and Resources by Teaching Staff Members

    4322 Staff Member's Use of Personal Cellular Telephones /Other Communication Devices

    5516 Use of Electronic Communication and Recording Devices (ECRD)

    7522 School District Provided Technology Devices to Staff Members

    7523 School District Provided Technology Devices to Students

    8335 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act - FERPA