Kim O'Brien, Math Coach



Degrees and Certifications:

Kim O'Brien, Math Coach

What is a Math Coach/Instructional coach?

      An instructional/Math Coach is a district leader whose work with teachers and administrators can have a significant impact on teacher development and student achievement.

The goal of an Math/instructional Coach is to facilitate teacher growth, development, and professional exploration in ways that lead to higher student achievement. The coach's key roles include the following:

Meet regularly with classroom teachers to assist with the effective implementation of the many components of our standards-based curriculum.

Provide classroom teachers with curricular resources and relevant research to promote effective instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students.

Collaborate with building and district administrators to implement goals for teacher development and student achievement.

Support teachers in developing their practice through the use of research-based, effective coaching practices.

Conduct meetings with teachers that allow for teacher reflection, self-evaluation, data analysis, and instructional planning.

In addition, coaches:

Coordinate and monitor content- related district assessments

Provide professional development workshops in coordination with district and building goals as well as teacher needs.