• English as a Second Language / Bilingual   

    English as a Second Language
    The ESL curricular philosophy of the Franklin Township Public School District begins with the belief that it is the essential right of all English Language Learners to experience curriculum which will be standards-based, provide English language learners with the language skills necessary to participate successfully at grade level in the English-speaking classroom, provide students with the ability to assess, interact with, and resolve problems in a 21st century multicultural society, and apply language skills to meet the daily demands of society.
    To this end, the ESL curriculum builds students’ academic language abilities through content experiences. It requires students to think critically at all levels of proficiency and holds high expectations as students develop academic language abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Franklin Township School District believes that all students have the potential to succeed and the equal right to an educational environment which fosters the skills necessary to become productive citizens of the 21st century global society.
    To accomplish this, the curriculum will:
    • Integrate standards in all content areas in addition to the ESL Standards;
    • Present academic language in context and involve students in situations where they must apply this language to address problems and situations;
    • Require assessment in all four domains;
    • Recognize the value of all cultures;
    • Assess students to ascertain current proficiency levels and provide differentiated instruction based on updated knowledge of student proficiency levels;
    • Make use of available technology to support learning, providing opportunities for students to explore the uses of common tools of technology; and
    • Provide bilingual support where feasible to maintain continuity in learning and cognitive development.
    We will know we have accomplished this when our students:
    • Can address problems posed in grade appropriate text and academic discourse effectively, using content area and Tier 2 academic language in speech and in writing;
    • Show progress in the use of all elements of academic language;
    • Show growth in all classroom summative and formative assessments;
    • Show growth in State assessments; and
    • Move from one proficiency level to the next.