• Tuesday Tech Tips - October 16, 2018

    Posted by Ted Samaras on 10/16/2020 7:00:00 AM

    Tuesday Tech Tips

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    Connie's Instructional Technology Article of the Week: 

    Infographic: Generation Z prefers flashlight apps to flashlights

    YouGov data shows how different generations feel about their gadgets – from typewriters to tablets

    Ted's Instructional Technology Tip of the Week:



    Contact Groups in Outlook


    Some of you have asked about not being able to create new contact groups in Outlook.  In order to enable the contact groups, please open Outlook and do the following:

    • Click on Outlook in the top toolbar (next to the Apple)
    • Click Preferences
    • Click General
    • Uncheck the box for Hide on My Computer files

    You should now be able to create your contact groups.  Enjoy!

    Myra's Instructional Technology Tip of the Week:

    Chromebook Rotate Screen


    If the screen on your student’s Google Chromebook is displaying upside down or on its side, use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+ Shift+ Refresh to rotate the screen back to the desired position.


    Amy's Instructional Technology Tip of the Week:

    tech tools

    As you start to integrate more technology tools in the classroom here are some great tips and resources from "Shake Up Learning".

    Edward Ward's Tech Video Pick of the Week:  



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