Reading at Home

  • **Our class goal is reading 100 days!** 

    Each time we reach 100 days of reading, we will have a reading celebration!

     Reading at home will make a huge difference in your child's school success. Make reading part of your child's everyday routine. Choose books that match your child's interest.

    Reading for just 10-15 minutes per day will benefit your child!


    Telling, Re-telling, and Understanding

    -Before reading, make predictions and ask questions. What is the story going to be about?

    -Talk about new words and their meaning.

    -Make connections to his/her life, other books and movies/TV.

    -Talk, comment and ask questions about the characters and setting as you read the book. How does the character feel? Where is the character at the beginning/middle/end of the book?

    -After you read the book, retell the book with your child in order.

    -Act out the story! Make different voices for each character. Use props and have fun!

    -Have your child "read" the book at a level they are comfortable with. (They may or may not make up words that match the text and use pictures as a guide).


    Building a Reader

    -Have your child turn the pages.

    -Encourage your child to fill in the rhymes as you read.

    -Notice patterns in text and illustrations.

    -Have your child be the "reader" and read pictures to you.

    -Notice and talk about the letters and sounds they make.

    -Help your child fall in LOVE with books. 

  • Make Reading an ADVENTURE!

    Read in fun places!

    outside, inside, in the car, in the tub, in bed, on the couch, under the covers, under a tree, at the library, in a tent, or in a park.


    Read in Fun Ways!

    with a flashlight, in different voices, on the computer, act it out, sing the words, whisper the words, to a stuffed animal or pet, or with props/puppets.


    Read different kinds of books!

    ABC, counting, fiction, non-fiction, big, small, long, short, rhyming, poetry, song or tales


    Read about different things!

    family, friends, feelings, school, holidays, sports, dance, food, birthdays, animals, pets, dinosaurs, insects, construction, vehicles, plants, farms, seasons, weather, science, ANYTHING!


    Read different media!

    books, newspapers, magazines, E books, letters, shopping lists, cards, mail, store ads, signs, recipes, comics