• Please note that all requests are subject to change to meet the needs of all students.


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    REQUIRED 8th GRADE COURSES:         


    • Literature, Language and Composition 8:
    • Standard Classes – This course provides opportunities in reading, writing,

    media literacy, language instruction and to deepen the   habits that promotes critical thinking.

    • Honors: Based on teacher recommendation; an accelerated course


    • Mathematics 8:
    • Math 8: Standard
    • Algebra I 8: Based on teacher recommendation
    • Geometry Honors 8: Based on teacher recommendation


    • Science 8 – Earth Science – Students will explore Plate Tectonic, Weathering, Erosion


    • Social Studies 8 – Study of Early American History and the Holocaust


    • World Language – Spanish 1B, Spanish Native Speakers 1B, Spanish Heritage Speakers 1B and French 1B (based on teacher recommendation)


    • Physical Education/Health – Three marking periods of Physical Education and one marking period of Health


    The following are based on student need and may pre-empt their access to Creative Arts classes:


    • ESL/English as a Second Language Classes, Bilingual Classes, Read 180 Classes, and/or Speech Services
    • Math and Language Arts Instructional Lab classes (based on PARCC test scores, etc.) Please note that to meet the needs of students requiring any of these classes, it may pre-empt their access to the Creative Arts elective courses below.


    EXPLORATORY/ELECTIVE CLASSES: Please make your request based on the following options. Please note that requests are not always guaranteed.


    OPTION 1 – SEMESTER/HALF YEAR CREATIVE ARTS COURSES – each of these options are offered over a period of two marking periods on an A/B rotation:


    • Advanced Art (based on recommendation; must have previous art experience)
    • Computer Applications (including keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, database programs, computer awareness, usage and applications learned in K-7th grade)



    • Exploring Music 8 (open to all students; to help students understand how the music of today is linked to the past; review of music elements; history of Western music, classical, electronic dance; basic piano using computer technology)
    • Introduction to Band 7/8 (for students who have no previous experience with learning to play a musical instrument)
    • Leadership Mindset 7/8 (for students to develop leadership qualities by promoting empathy, positive social relationships, moral convictions, analytical, interpersonal communication and reflection skills)
    • Mass Media 7/8 (exploration of media such as movies, television, news; learning about life change solutions and issues; how the media affects our everyday lives)
    • Money Matters (basic strategies on how to manage money, investing in the stock market, setting financial goals, create a personal budget, managing debt, save for the future, track current spending habits, etc.)
    • Music Keyboard (including basic music theory, sight reading and performance; musical expression & appreciation; learning basic music theory and literacy)
    • Sculpture & Ceramics (including use of wide range of sculpturing; pottery techniques; including 3-dimensional art, study of artists, artwork of western and non-western civilizations, study of artists & artwork of western & non-western civilization.)
    • STEM II (allows students to use the design thinking process to develop and create solutions to real world problems using 21st century technology and tools, building prototypes using the design-thinking process.)
    • Technology for the 21st Century (including researching problems using a variety of technological tools and concepts; work with Google Slides, Garageband, Computer Programming and iMovie.)
    • Theater Arts (including development of communication skills, improvisation and character development; drama terminology, ensemble work, public speaking, etc.)




    The following courses are offered ALL year long/every day. Please indicate your choice(s) below:


    • Advanced Dance-Girls/Boys: (by audition and recommendation only; for students

    who have prior experience in dance technique and dance performance)  _______


    • Contemporary Dance: no recommendation needed                         _______


    • Chorus: no recommendation needed                         _______


    • Band: no recommendation needed                         _______


    • Orchestra: no recommendation needed                                                             _______