• Updated:  November 29, 2017: 
    Following the Board of Education's appointment of Principal William Grippo as the Referendum Transition Coordinator, various Transition Sub-Committees were created to further effectuate communication between the district and members of our school and larger communities. 
    The work of these Sub-Committees corresponds to topics surrounding the One Less Move Referendum.  These Sub-Committees are largely led by district administrators who have a background in those topic areas.  For example, the Transportation and Re-zoning Sub-Committee is led by the Transportation Supervisor; the Fine Visual and Performing Arts Sub-Committee by the district Director of that content area.
    During the 2016-2017 school year, and continuing this school year, Sub-Committees have been meeting in a small group setting. We have also gathered together for a large group meeting on two occasions last school year and most recently on November 21, 2017.  At those larger meetings, some of the chairpersons of the Sub-Committees have reported to the larger group, and an opportunity for questions has been provided. Questions raised by these Sub-Committees, as well as questions submitted via our onelessmove@franklinboe.org email, will be included in our Frequently Asked Questions document which will be updated shortly.  Reports prepared by our other Sub-Committees summarizind their work, will also be posted shortly. 
    These Sub-Committees are not decision making bodies but function to collect information on their topic, record that information and any concerns on the topic and report that information to the Superintendent and larger group.  The Sub-Committees are also free to make recommendations to the Superintendent.  These recommendations may then be further investigated by the administration.
    Click here for a list of the Sub-Committees, the charge of each Sub-Committee and their leadership. 
    If any member of the public is interested in serving on one of these Sub-Committees, he or she should make a request via email to onelessmove@franklinboe.org and include any special skills or knowledge that they can bring to the Sub-Committee.  These emails will be forwarded to the appropriate chairperson(s) who will respond directly to them.