About the Board of Education

  • The Board of Education is made up of nine members who are elected by registered voters of Franklin Township.  Members are elected to three-year terms (January - December).   The Board President and Vice President are elected by the majority vote of their fellow Board members.

    • Board members voluntarily and generously contribute their time and expertise to the district. They do not receive any payment or benefits for their service. We are fortunate to have specialists from several professional fields represented on our Board.
    • In addition to their attendance at public board meetings and committee meetings, Board members are also required to attend NJSBA (New Jersey School Boards Association) training sessions.
    • Some members of the current Board:  have attended our schools; had children who graduated from Franklin Township Public Schools; or have children who currently attend our schools.  All live and have a vested interest in our district as their decisions affect not only your family but theirs as well.
    • Board members have no legal authority, except when acting as a group at official Board meetings.
    • Your Board works hard to deliver the best education that it can within the financial constraints imposed by the State of New Jersey.
    • Board members serve on Committees which review material which is then presented to the full Board.

Board of Education Members

  • Current Term Jan., 2021 - Jan., 2024
  • Current Term: 2022- 2024
  • Current Term: 2022-2024
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