The QSAC review is an obligation that all school districts are required to complete every three years.  During a QSAC review, school districts analyze their practice as it relates to five focus areas; Fiscal Management, Personnel, Operations, Instruction and Program, and Governance. A Board approved committee reviews each focus area for specific practices and determines a self-rating for the district.  

    This self-evaluation tool is called the District Performance Review (DPR) (*updated) It has sections which correspond to the five focus areas: Fiscal Management, Personnel, Operations, Instruction and Program (*updated) and Governance.  

    Franklin Township Public Schools completed its DPR in October and its submission to the Department of Education was approved by the Board of Education at their October 17, 2019 meeting. 

    *After receiving further information from the Department of Education, the district was able to update the Instruction and Program portion of the DPR.  The Board of Education approved that update at their meeting on November 21, 2019. 

    It is anticipated that on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, the district will be visited by representatives from the Somerset County Office of the Department of Education to review the DPR and visit some of our schools.