Lenni Lenape Process

  • You will work in a group of 5 students 

    Each student will be responsible for a reseraching, writing and typing a section of the presentation. 

    Together you will create a slide show about the Lenni Lenape Tribe using Google Slides. 

    Lenape Homes: What did the homes look like? What were they made out of? How many people lived in them at one time? Add other information

    Lenape Children: What did they do for fun? Did they go to school? What types of chores did they have to do? Add other information

    Lenape Survival: How did they eat? What did they eat? How did they keep warm in the winter? What did their dinnerware look like? Add other information

    Lenape Adults: What were the men responsible for in the tribe? What were the women responsible for in the tribe? Did they get married? Where they allowed to get divorced? Add other information

    Lenape Facts: What is a clan? How many clans where there in the Lenape tribe? What langugae did they speak? Where did they live? What happened after the Europeans came to the land? Add other information