Moving/Transferring Out of District or Home Schooling Your Child?

  • If you are moving out of Franklin Township, you need to withdraw your student from Franklin Township Public Schools. This information is needed to prepare the transfer card, which your new school, if within New Jersey, will require in order for you to register.

    If you are relocating outside of New Jersey or the United States, it is still required that you fill out this form for our records. It will also assist us in preparing for record requests.

    If you are attending a charter school and are transferring to another charter school but still reside here in Franklin Township, it is still required that you fill out this form so that we can forward the transfer card to the appropriate school.

    If your child will be home-schooled, you will need to complete this form so that they can be removed from the rolls. If you choose to have your child return to our district, you will have to re-enroll them, supplying records containing grades, curriculum, etc. of the program you utilized.

    To expedite the process, please ensure all FTPS equipment has been returned to your child's school directly. Transfer cards will be sent to the email address we have on file for the parent/guardian within 3-5 business days.

    *Please complete separate forms for siblings.*

    Thank you.

    Transferring Out of District Request Form (Leaving Franklin Township Public Schools)