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      The program of Middle School Athletics presents additional opportunities for a school system to develop the interests and abilities of the students. Middle School Athletics offer a special opportunity to capture the enthusiasm generated by interscholastic contests and to channel these enthusiasms towards the development of useful citizenship. Athletics provide a laboratory of experiences and equips the student with standards for functioning in a social situation. These experiences are only valuable with quality coaches leading our programs. We must stress honesty, sincerity, and integrity above all. Most importantly, our concern is to provide students with a worthwhile and positive experience.


      To develop strength of character, integrity, social competence, and ethical and moral values consistent with the needs and demands of the community and society, and the mission of Franklin Township Public Schools.

      To strengthen in student-athletes the virtues of good sportsmanship, self-sacrifice, fair play and teamwork essential to success in athletics and in our society.

      To encourage the development of a stronger and healthier young man/woman, with a sound mind, and a healthy work ethic.

      To promote the practice of self-discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make decisions in competitive and pressured situations.

      To develop a sense of balance between “work” and “play”.

      To teach participation as a member of a team, and to encourage contribution to the success and well-being of a team.

      To motivate students to improve individual athletic playing skills through practice and preparation.

      To teach students the rules and strategies of a particular sport, the importance of adhering to the rules and respect for both the officials administering the rules and their decisions.

      To develop in students an understanding of the value of athletics in a balanced educational process.