Asian Awareness – Advisor: Alka Sharma

    For many years, Asian Awareness Club has created and produced a spectacular performance filled with costumes, lighting, and multiple singing and dance numbers. 
    Last year, unfortunately, like everything else it was on hiatus. 
    This year, Unleashed, is back!

    Please enjoy the show: UNLEASHED 2021



    Advisor:  Alka Sharma    

    Purpose: Celebrate cultural diversity and provide a platform for the students to express themselves through leadership.

    Philosophy (Mission) Statement: The mission of our club is to promote and encourage diversity throughout our school, while also being able to exhibit our talents in a unique manner.

    Goals of the Club:  To encourage students to participate in the school community, gain confidence through leadership work and helping others and showcase their hidden talent in various events held during the school year.

    Meeting Day/Location:  Tuesdays/Currently being held virtually through Google Classrooms (classroom code: hxc4shk)

    Admission Criteria for Students:  Commitment, positive attitude and a love for the community