Aviation Club- Advisor: Insu Yi

Aviation Club- Advisor: Insu Yi

    Five men stand in front of a monoplane with a two blade propeller.
    The FHS Aviation Club celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by remembering: Early Mexican Pilots
    The Salinas were the first of a group of Mexican pilots sent to the US to study aviation.
    Discover more throught the resources of the National Air & Space Museum.
    Photographs and correspondence provide a glimpse into the early history of Mexican aviation. 
    Congratulations to our inaugural group of FHS students on their first flight! 
    Gabby Ciccone, Tasha Coelho, Rahil Dave, and Cyprianni Stewart successfully took off and landed. 
    June 8 was a big day for our students who came out to the Central Jersey Airport and especially for those at the controls for their very first takeoff and landing.
    After a fierce storm, the evening sky was beautiful with an amazing rainbow into which the students soared. 
    Thanks to Captain Chebli, Dr. Yi, the Franklin Twp BOE and all the volunteers for making this happen and for their support along the journey.
    A very special thank you to Dr. Loughran who was at the airport with the students for his enthusiastic support!



    On May 14,  three FHS students (two Class of 2021 members, Tasha Coelho and Gabriella Ciccone, and a rising Junior Rahil Dave) have been selected as the first recipients of the SAFE (Student Aviator Flight Experience) scholarship that provides financial and instructional support for their aviation training. SAFE plans to award up to ten scholarships to aspiring FHS aviators.

    Gabby, Tasha, and Rahil are the current members of the FHS Aviation Club that was started in the Fall of 2019 with the support of the FHS Administration and the District. The twelve inaugural club members have persisted despite some major difficulties caused by Covid-19. They have been training with all the available online tools including intense Zoom meetings under the supervision of a dedicated United Airlines pilot, Mr. K. Chebli. Mr. Chebli even held training sessions from the cockpit or the airport tarmac, which greatly motivated the enthusiastic club members.

    Often meeting multiple times a week, the Club, led by the group of student leaders and encouraged by Dr. Loughran and others in the administration, has been making rapid progress toward the goal of completing the flight training and obtaining the FAA private pilot license before starting college.

    With an expected rapid growth in career opportunities in the aviation industry, the FHS Aviation Club looks forward to soaring high. We might soon be able to see a Cessna piloted by our own FHS aviator in the sky above FHS!

    Aviation Club Cockpit Demo

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