Be A Part of It!/ ¡Sé parte de ello!
  • FACULTY ADVISORS: Rebekah Butler & Jared Novak 



    Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) is committed to student-lead change in their school and community. Students will meet to discuss and identify problems in their school and community. Once they have identified these areas for change, YPAR empowers students to take action so that they can create the change that they want to see. YPAR connects students to administrators, Rutgers University, and more.


    Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) has two main goals. The first is to encourage students to conduct original research on a topic of their choosing. Students will select topics that focus on problems faced by their local schools and communities. YPAR teaches students the fundamentals of conducting research: identifying an issue, formulating a research question, gathering data, evaluating information, and drawing conclusions.

                In addition to teaching students, how to research a topic, the second main goal of YPAR is to empower students to take action. Action is vital to effecting the change that students want to have happen. As such YPAR seeks to build relationships with school administration, state, local, and county officials, as well as university professionals.


    Any student, who wishes to join YPAR, must be enrolled in Franklin High School.