• Ms. Sheronda Martin

    Vice Principal of the Class of 2023
    Email: smartin@franklinboe.org
    Phone Number: (732) 302-4200 Ext. 6506


    Mr. Nicholas Zucchero

    Dean of Students
    Email: nzucchero@franklinboe.org
    Phone Number: (732) 302-4200 Ext. 6505


    Mrs. Linda Balestrieri

    Email: lbalestrieri@franklinboe.org

    Phone Numbers: (732) 302-4200 Ext. 5205

    The number ‘23 is linked to Michael Jordan as it adorned 3 of his basketball jerseys throughout his iconic career.  Many sports enthusiasts debate or discuss loudly in barber shops whether or not Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.  Watching Michael Jordan play provided adrenaline rushes to fans, spectators and those intrigued by his hard work and reputation.  His stats improved year after year. He became more committed and stronger.  Jordan is noted for being a leader and even more importantly, a listener and a realist of the mindset that in order to be great, one must be a team player.  Many athletes, now and then, and undoubtedly those who aren’t even born yet, will look to Michael Jordan’s career for lessons in the aforementioned attributes and contributions to sports and the culture of greatness.

    With that being said, Juniors, you too will have the number 23 adorned on your diplomas in just 21 months.  “Like Mike”, your performance, tenacity and perseverance will be highlighted.  As your Vice Principal, I challenge you with being committed, becoming stronger.  I trust, when opportunity arises, you will take the leadership role. As you walk through the halls of Franklin High School, you will listen attentively to instruction, take on challenges realistically and most importantly, be a team player amongst one another.  

    Our motto for the Class of 2023 is from Amanda Gorman's "The Hill We Climb" Jan. 2021.  "... for while we have our eyes on the future, history has its eyes on us."  History, whether it’s 100 years ago, 20 years ago or 2 years near past, has taught us infinite valuable lessons.  It is up to us to learn from those experiences and trust the lessons learned. 

    June of 2023 will arrive to some of you in the blink of an eye and to some of you not quick enough. No matter the velocity, together with Coach Paczkowski, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Nagourney, Ms B., Dr. Solomon and the all vested Administrators & Faculty & Staff of Franklin High School, we will get there,  TOGETHER Warriors. “...one day at a time”