Assistant Superintendent for Business/Board Secretary



      Brian Bonanno is the Assistant Superintendent for Business and also serves as the Board Secretary.  He is responsible for the over site of the areas listed below and works closely with supervisors who manage those areas. 

      Business Office with School Administrator Stephen Fried

      • Budget Management
      • Employee Payroll
      • Bidding Opportunities and Purchasing
      • Accounts Payable

      Human Resources and Personnel Services with Manager Coleen Devlin

      • Employment Opportunities
      • Benefits
      • Retirement 

      Buildings and Grounds with Supervisor Mark McNamara 

      Food and Nutritional Services with Director Margaret M. DeBlasi, RD, SNS 

      Informational Technology with Director Andrew Knechel 

      Transportation with Supervisor Donna Stallings 

      Additionally, as Board Secretary, Mr. Bonnano is responsible for providing notice and recording the minutes of the Board of Education meetings.  His office also responds to requests which fall under the Open Public Records Act.