Safe Return Plan Overview

  • The Federal American Rescue Plan Act, which we will call the “Act” , requires each district seeking monetary assistance under the Act to create a Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Service. We will call it the Safe Return Plan.  The Act also requires that the district seek comments from the public on the proposed Safe Return Plan.  The Plan must be reviewed, and if necessary, revised every six months.  The district must also seek comments on any revisions.

    The district has prepared and shared several Safe Return Plans since the Act was established.  These Plans provided some detail about how the district would apply the guidance from the Federal, state and local, governmental, educational and health agencies to provide a safe educational environment for the school year.  On this website are copies of the district's original Safe Return Plan; the revisions in December of  2021; the revisions in June of 2022; the  revisions in December of 2022; in June of 2023; in December of 2023 and June of 2024. The earlier revisions were also incorporated, where applicable, in Board Policy 1648.11 The Road Forward - Covid 19 - Health and Safety and in the Appendices to that Policy.  However, in June of 2023, that Policy was abolished.  The June 2024 version will be the final review and revision to the Safe Return Plan required by the Act and the Safe Return Plan will sunset on December 31, 2024.