Homework Assignments
    *5 Nights out of 7 you need read for 30 minutes (1/2 hour).   Reading
    Steal-A-Moment - EVERY NIGHT you need to read for pleasure for at least 30 minutes.  This is your Steal-A-Moment reading.  When you finish reading, you need to log the date, name of the book, exact page numbers, (beginning/ending) and the number of minutes read, and respond using one of the prompts provided.  While you are reading, stop to think of the strategies you are using and hear your inner voice.   For example, 'I wonder why the character did that?' or 'I wonder what this character will do next?'   Remember, reading should be fun and done everyday!
    Click on "Steal-a-Moment Contract" below to review it. 
     girl reading
    Part of completing homework is putting in back in your bookbag with your homework book and folder!!!!  back pack