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    Students are working on the following strategies:  visualizing, text-to-self connections, predicting, text features, making inferences, visualizing, and questioning.  Application of these strategies are modeled and then  practiced by students daily during in class IDR.  In addition, a written response to what they have read during in class IDR is also recorded in the reading side of their journal.  Listed below are some of the journal response topics:
    1.   In thirty- five words or less summarize what you read ?
    2.  If you could change the setting of your story what would it be ?
    3.  Who is your favorite character at this time ? Explain.
    4.  Who is your least favorite character at this time ? Explain.
    5.  What do you predict will happen next ?
    6.  Describe what you visualize while reading today?
    7.  Is there something you have a question about and would like an answer to?
    8.  What text-to-self connection did you make ?
    9.  What is the conflict in the the story ?Is this internal or external ?
    10. How does the author's use of setting affect the mood ?
    11. Has any character in the novel changed ? If so how and why do you think this ?
    12. What motivates the main character in your novel ? What evidence supports your conclusion ?
    13.  What type of lead did the author use to draw you into the story? Explain how.
    14. How has the setting helped to reveal the characters ?
    15. How has the plot helped to reveal the characters ?
    16. What text features are evident and how do they help you better understand what you are reading ?
    17. If you could change one character trait of the main character what would it be and why ?
    18. What indirect or direct inferences did you make while reading? Explain
    19. Describe what you visualized while reading.
    20. What questions have been answered while reading?
    21. What indirect inferences did you perceive that helped to reveal the historical time period of your novel?
    22. Which character would you consider to be dynamic? Explain
    23. Which character would you consider to be static? Explain
    24. If you could change the historical time period your book was written in what would you change the setting to?
    25. What are some clues from the text that help you identify the historical time period the novel is set 
    26. What is the author's purpose ?
    27. What does your character struggle with ?
    28. How are the things that motivate the character influncing their actions?
Last Modified on September 3, 2015