• Science Lab Activities                   

    Second Marking Period
    4th Gradebus
    Topics: The Rock Cycle; Types of Rocks; Soil Formation; Fossils 
    Labs: The Rock Cycle, Making a Sedimentary Rock, Soil Sampling Weathering & Erosion 
    3rd Grade
    Topics: Water Cycle & Clouds; Weather Tools & Temperature
    Labs: Groundwater Flow, Where in the World is Water, Water Cycle in a Jar, Anemometer 
    2nd Grade
    Topics: Property and States of Matter; Changes in Matter
    Labs: Matter - Matter - Mixtures, Liquid vs Container, Water vs Alcohol,  Bubble Bomb, Curds and Whey
    Steel Wool and Vinegar Reaction 
    1st Grade
    Topics: Moving Objects; Sounds, Light 
    Labs: Simple Machines - Ramps, Levers, Screws, Pulleys, Gravity, Wheels and Axles 
    Topics: Forces and How Things Move, Pushes and Pulls, Bouncing & Rolling Balls
    Labs: Dino Push, Airplanes, Things That Go Round and Round, Buoyancy, Parachutes, Motion & Weight