• Helpful Reminders
    Reading Logs
    Each Monday a zip lock bag, a book, a reading log, and a reading response sheet is sent home.  We hope that your child is reading EACH AND EVERY NIGHT (and on the weekend too) & writing down the names of these stories.  Have your child respond to at least 1 story (more is wonderful too) by drawing a picture and writing a sentence about it.  Please make sure the reading bags are fully completed and returned to school on Monday (or the first day back after the weekend).  A new book will not be sent home until the old book is returned to school. 

    Monthly Calendars

    The first day of the month I will send home 2 monthly calendars ~ 1 for Language Arts & 1 for Math.  These activities enrich our Kindergarten curriculum and gives your child reinforcement on what we are accomplishing daily.  Paper is provided for each calendar packet for responses to be written on.  Please work on these activities nightly!  The monthly calendars are due back to school the 1st day of the next month. 


    Snack time is at 2:30 everyday (except B day).  Your child has the option to bring in a snack from home each day or bring in a group snack for the class to share. I will send home a note when our snack supply gets low.

    Folders and Backpacks and Homework

    It is very important that EACH AND EVERY NIGHT you and your child are going through the backpack and folder and looking for important correspondence from school, homework & class work.  All papers except homework - need to be removed and kept at home.  Homework should be placed in your childs folder and returned to school the following day.  If your child is unable to complete an assignment, please send in a note that day and complete the homework for the following night.