• Name: Amy Kriska

    Grade: First Grade

    Homeroom: 104 

    email: akriska@franklinboe.org


    Teaching Philosophy

    The essence of teaching is creating meaningful learning experiences for
    children. Educational programs should be centered around the child,

    Conceptual learning that leads to understanding along with acquisition of
    basic skills.

    A balanced literacy program with curriculum content integrated across
    traditional subject categories, especially for communication skills of
    speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

    Children's active participation in learning: they should be able to move
    around the classroom, talk with their peers, and make choices about doing
    activities that have personal interest to them.

    Cooperative and collaborative learning activities that foster social skills,
    skill acquisition, and concept development.

    Curriculum content and teaching strategies that consider the age span of
    children, individual differences in learning styles, diverse backgrounds,
    and cultural differences.

    Flexible grouping for instruction in a specific skill area: temporary,
    homogeneous grouping that reflects a student's individual variation in

    The regular use of technology, especially computers, integrated throughout
    the curriculum.

    Varied evaluation techniques employed for ongoing assessment of student
    progress; assessment utilized as basis for future planning of instruction.
    A variety of resources are utilized to accomplish this: our own classroom
    community, hands-on activities, parent connections, collaboration with staff
    members and other teachers, community resources, and my own continuing