• Franklin Township Department of Technology

    The purpose of the Department of Technology is to provide access to computer technology in a way that supports and encourages ubiquitous and transparent use of those resources to enhance and increase the learning experience for the entire Franklin Learning Community.

    The vision of the Department of Technology is the successful and fully integrated use of computer technology into the classroom. This vision will be realized when computer technology is used as a classroom teaching tool, with no more thought or effort as other classroom technology tools, such as, pull down maps, textbooks, etc...  To realize this vision the department and district must:

    • Base acquisition and training decisions on sound pedagogy, driven by standards based instruction
    • Provide a strong professional learning environment
    • Find creative and cost effective ways to provide ready access to equipment
    • Engender school based support communities whereby teachers and administrators help and coach each other in the effective use of technology as a teaching tool
    • Ensure a environment where staff can assume the technology will function as needed, and have clear expectations and knowledge of what to do when it doesn't
    • Determine how to provide tangible evidences as to the effectiveness of classroom technology toward achieving district goals

Last Modified on January 13, 2009