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    Posted by Andrew Knechel on 3/3/2010 3:00:00 PM

    Thank you to everyone for taking time to share your beliefs on learning, and on the use of technology in learning. Below I have summarized what I have culled from the blogs, and from conversations with other committee members concerning learning and technology's place in learning (in no particular order):

    • All students have a right to learn
    • Technology is a tool that can be used to enhance instruction
    • Technology is only useful when coupled with sound instruction (pedagogy)
    • Authentic assessment is necessary
    • Technology must be used in early grades so that it becomes an expected and consistent tool
    • Sustainability is critical to the long term success of instructional technology use
    • Learning facilitates betterment for the learner and those around the learner
    • Technology can be a valuable tool in effectively communicating knowledge to individual students with uniquely different styles or perception 
    • For the most part teachers want to use technology as an instructional tool, provided they are afforded whatever training and support is required for them to be successful
    • Technology is advancing rapidly, and we need to keep up in order to take advantage of the learning opportunities the technology might afford

    I will attempt to create a vision statement that captures the spirit of the above statements and can be used to derive concrete goals. Please read the above summery of beliefs, and the vision below and comment however you see fit.The vision is by no means complete and I expect members to really beat it up. My belief is that the vision should "shoot for the stars" and should push the limits of our ability to achieve it, so that we begin with a platform for the extraordinary.

    Vision: The vision of the Franklin Township School District Instructional Planning Committee is to see the use of technology, combined with solid pedagogy, to enhance learning. This vision will be accomplished when:

    • The use of technology is seen by all Faculty, Administrators, Parents and community members as fundamentally important to the educational success of all Franklin students
    • Technology is used with no more, or no less thought then any other classroom tool, such as a text book or pull down map
    • The use of technology causes students to be fully engaged in their own education, and supports their notion of community
    • The use of technology extends the boundaries of learning to any time, any place
    • The lives of both Teachers and Students are improved through the use of technology
    • Education and learning happen in a place and a level that would be unattainable without technology

    Can't wait to here what you have to say.  Unlike the sharing of beliefs, this is the time to feel free to comment and discuss the thoughts of other committee members while sharing your own thoughts. We will end this discussion by Friday, March 12th, at which time we will create specific goals which support our vision. The next step will be to develop and conduct a needs assessment based on our goals. The steps needed to address the difference between our goals, and our current state (derived from the needs assessment) will be our plan. Thank you again for your participation.

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