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    Posted by Andrew Knechel on 2/3/2010 6:00:00 AM

     In 2007, a committee was formed containing District Administrators, Curricular Directors, Teachers and Technology Staff for the purpose of creating the NJ DOE mandated Three Year Technology Plan. As with the current process, the existing plan was reviewed, discussion commenced, and a new plan was developed and approved by both the BOE and DOE. In discussing the integration of technology into the learning process, what became apparent is a gap between the process of pedagogical curriculum development, and technology planning and purchasing. Therefore, the main emphasis of the plan was to lay a foundation by which that gap could be addressed.  The plan was commended by both the County Superintendents office, and by educational technology experts who reviewed the plan as part of the recent MTG performance appraisal, for it's honest appraisal of the need to bridge the aforementioned gap, and a solid plan to do so. Many commented that the plan was not "comprehensive enough", but those comments were made without a clear understanding of the purpose of the plan, both from a state requirement, and the committees assessment of "need". Review the plan, and provide your thoughts on where you feel we are concerning the goals and objectives.

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