• Websites for Math Skills

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    there is always potential for a child to access links that may lead to inappropriate content.  It is recommended
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    These websites contain activities that practice math skills.

    This website has many different games for both reading and math. The reading
    section is still being developed, but the math section contains many types
    of activities, which usually have difficulty by grade level.

    AAA Math
    This website contains practice activities for math skills. At the top of
    the page is an option to pick a grade level to search for math skills to

    This website has lots of different activities for math which are broken up by
    grade level. There are activities for other subjects as well, such as
    language arts, science, and social studies.
    (When asked to register, just click "Maybe Later.")

    This website has many activities for math and other subjects for students to
    practice their skills. It also has some tools and tips for parents and

    Woodlands Interactive Activities for Kids
    This website has many opportunities for students to practice their math,
    literacy, and science skills in the various games and activities provided.
    The games are taken from many different websites, so you will often be sent
    to another website to play them.

    This website has many activities for students grades PreK-2 that focuses on
    very basic literacy and math skills.

    Education 4 Kids
    This website has some practice activities with money and time.
    - Choose the topic on the left side of the page, then click the tab with the
    drill you want to practice.

    Online Basic Skills Games
    This website has links to many different activities based on subject.
    Subjects include math, literacy, social studies, and science.
    NOTE: Skill levels range from very basic to above 2nd grade level, but the
    site doesn't distinguish which.

    This website has many different activities intended to promote math and
    reading content areas while learning basic computer skills.
Last Modified on November 23, 2009