• Websites for Literacy

    Important Message to Parents and Guardians:
    The following website link(s) are provided for educational purposes.  Please be aware that, while on-line,
    there is always potential for a child to access links that may lead to inappropriate content.  It is recommended
    that parents or guardians supervise children while they are on the Internet.  For more information, please see
    the US Department of Education's Parent Guide to the Internet or the Guide to Internet Safety offered by the
    Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    Disclaimer:  The Franklin Township Public Schools website contains links to government websites that our
    educators have recommended as resources to students, parents, and/or community members.  The Franklin
    Township School District is not responsible for any content or advertising which may be posted on these websites. 
    The links provided do not indicate any endorsement by the Franklin Township School District.

    These web sites have activities and lessons revolving around literacy.  
    There also may be math activities mixed into these sites as well, but the
    focus of this section is Literacy.
    Contains many literacy activities, mainly for younger learners.

    This website has many games and activites for students to go onto, including
    many math and reading games. Most games have a difficulty setting based on

    Internet 4 Classrooms
    This website contains many links leading to teacher resources, interactive
    activities, and other useful web sites. You can choose by grade level and

    Read Write Think
    This website is designed for teachers who are looking for
    lessons, supplemental web materials, and a "Student Materials" section that
    gives activities to help build various literacy skills.

    Woodlands Interactive Activities for Kids
    This website has many opportunities for students to practice their math,
    literacy, and science skills in the various games and activities provided.
    The games are taken from many different websites, so you will often be sent
    to another website to play them.

    This website has many activities for students grades PreK-2 that focuses on
    basic literacy and math skills.

    PBS Kids
    PBS Kids has many different games for children, including educational games,
    each using characters from their favorite PBS show.

    Game Goo Educational Games
    Contains a few literacy games for grades K-2. Basic literacy skills.

    NJASK Test Preparation website that's currently only available at our school
    for 3rd & 4th grade.

    Brain Pop Jr.
    This site has many silly, but educational, videos to teach kids about
    concepts in math, reading, writing, and other subjects. You will need to
    log in with our school login name and password to access all the parts of
    this site. (Let me know if you need it.)

    Roy the Zebra (Reading Games section)
    This website has a variety of games aimed towards literacy.

    Online Basic Skill Games
    This website has links to many different activities based on subject.
    Subjects include math, literacy, social studies, and science.
    NOTE: Skill levels range from very basic to above 2nd grade level, but the
    site doesn't distinguish which.

    Scholastic Kids
    This website has games and activities based on various books published by
    Scholastic, including Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and Goosebumps.
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