Happy New School Year
    To Everyone!
    A lot of exciting changes are happening to make the Parent Teacher group at MacAfee Road School the very best it can be. We have lots of new families who have joined the MacAfee Road School Family. We welcome all of you and encourage you to become an active participant in your child (ren) school. Studies shown that our children will be more successful if parents are involved in their child's education.


    What does it mean to be a member?
    That depends on you. You can be a member in name only or you can become an active member. We invite you to become an active participant in your students education by being an active participant in the MacAfee Road PTO. Parents, grandparents, neighbors, and siblings, we need your help! Being an active participant, being involved, is not synonymous with being "sucked in". The level of involvement is up to you! Check out our 2 Hour pledge program and learn more about how a small amount of time translates into a huge amount of involvement.
    Why should I be a participating member?
    Participation through volunteering allows you to be "hands on" with your childs education. All research indicates that when families are involved, a child is more apt to get higher grades, be more likely to graduate, and go on to college. Our children love to see us in this environment where they spend seven hours a day. You get to know your childrens teachers and your childrens friends.

    Participation through attendance at PTO meetings gives you a voice. You help decide what we do as a group. You help decide where the money should go. If you are new to the MacAfee Road School, the established families are available to answer questions and ease your transition into becoming a school family. If you are new to our community, were always happy to help wherever possible. An added bonus is that you have the opportunity to meet wonderful people who can become great friends. We will be working on providing FREE childcare at every meeting.

    What are the benefits of membership?
    The benefits of membership are very rewarding. You have the knowledge that, with your participation and involvement, the educational and social experiences of all students at MacAfee Road School have been greatly enhanced. That is in addition to the benefits listed above.
    Is there another level of membership?
    The next level of membership is to be a voting member. Discussion, ideas and suggestions are always welcome from all members, but our bylaws allow that only members, who have made a $5 Parent Group Contribution, prior to the October meeting of the current school year, are allowed to vote during meetings or hold office on the board. This contribution could provide transportation to field trips or supplement a teachers classroom supply order. It could also equate to the purchase of 50 glue sticks or 120 pencils. This Parent Group Contribution is kept local and in our schools. Voting takes place on the budget, changes in fundraising or programs, bylaws, and for board members.
    Isn't the PTO only about fundraising?
    The MacAfee Road PTO is more than just fundraising. Fundraising is really just a necessary evil as school budgets are requiring more and more cuts. It is our privilege that we are able to provide the supplies, equipment and activities that our school budgets can no longer cover. We are only able to do that through our MacAfee Road families willingness to participate in our fundraisers. Cash for Trash, Kidstuff Books, Fall Catalog Sale, Spirit wear, and Vendor/Craft Fair are some of the ways we raise money for items such as classroom supplies, literacy support, class trips, and assemblies. It also helps in funding the student planners, Flag Day and Field Day and also fund activities for our family "Fun Raising" nights programs such as Movie Night and the Family Science Night.
    We are about men and women working together toward a common goal. That goal, simply stated is creating a better school and a better educational experience for our children. We strive to create an atmosphere where teachers, administrators, and support staff can do their best work - and so can our children. There's so much more that can be done and we need your help. The motto of the MacAfee Road Elementary PTO is " Many hands make light work" We look forward to seeing all that can be and will be accomplished this school year when we come together, as a group and as a community to enhance and maximize the education of every child.

    Click here for our PTO membership form