•      A guidance counselor is


    v     A person with special training in school to help all students

    v     A person you can talk to alone or in a group

    v     Someone who works with the teachers to make your days happy and productive

    v     A good listener

    v     A helper to parents

    v     A leader of guidance groups

    v     A person who wants to see you happy with yourself

    v      A person who teaches you special lessons

    You might want to see your guidance counselor if you feel the need to-


    v     Work out a school problem

    v     Discuss a home concern

    v     Talk about a fear

    v     Get help in making a decision

    v     Discover more about yourself and others

    v     Understand and express your feelings

    v     Improve your schoolwork

    v     Have help in getting along better with others

    v     Just feel good about yourself

    v      Learn organizational or study skills


         You get to see me when-


    v       The principal recommends you 

    v        You ask

    v        A teacher recommends you

          v        Your parents ask


         Where and when might you see me?

     v In my room

     v In your classroom

        v In the halls

     v On the playground

        v In the lunchroom

     v Out by the buses