• Week of 3/28

    Reading Workshop: Children are learning about Social Issues.  We defined Social Issues as problems or issues related to real life.  Children will learn that most of the books they read contain social issues.  They will learn to read with glasses that make them, look closely at characters & their struggles to figure out the social issue in the book.  After identifying the social issue(s) in the books they are reading, children will look at all the ways their characters deals with the struggles he or she faces.  Children will also learn to identify social issues in a non fiction text.


    Writing Workshop: Children will explore how poetry prompts are used in testing situations.  They will learn about and practice how to answer open ended poetry prompt responses.


    Math: This week we will explore fractions.  Children will brainstorm a list of words related to fractions, draw pictures of fractions, learn about equivalent fractions, and identify fractions as part of whole.


    Social Studies: This week we will learn about why Washington DC was chosen as our country’s capital, who helped build Washington DC, how it has changed from past to present, and children will learn about 4 different monuments in Washington DC.


    Word Study: This week word study will be used to complete district required assessments.